Are You Covered?

Are You Covered?

Greg and I have had the honor of meeting some fantastic couples through doing marriage enrichment, one particular couple has led us into prayer with them Praying Handsevery Monday morning, and it has changed our lives.

I know prayer is vitally important, but I had never given as much thought to having a prayer covering as I should have.

This couple has shared their story with us and we have shared ours, forming a bond of friendship and encouragement.  I look forward to praying together every Monday morning, it has become a way to start my week that I look forward to and would miss if we couldn’t get together.

Getting to experience this is encouraging me to pray more frequently with friends when we get together and to pray more openly when we have group meetings.

We pray for our couples throughout the week and we know this is important, but I am finding that group prayer seems to be calling me more and more as the weeks go on.  Having other couples invested in the success of your marriage and having them pray for and over you consistently enriches a marriage relationship in ways we can’t possibly know or understand.

I saw this video last week and a young man talked about how it takes a village to raise a child and a community to make a marriage.

Are You There For Your Spouse?

Are You There For Your Spouse?

We recently experienced a couple we know going through a hardship in their lives.  My heart broke for them at their loss and I started to wonder what I would do if faced with the same situation.

I realized that I lean heavily on Greg during times of hardship and I am so grateful that we are in a relational place where I can lean into him when I need to.

beach girl

Throughout this thought process I began to think of another couple we know also going through a hard time, they don’t seem like they are in a place to lean into each other.  I have witnessed the distance brought on by not being able to lean into each other in a time of need.

Through my thought process, I am realizing the importance of keeping my relationship healthy and in spending the time to feed into our marriage.

Greg and I went through a 6 month period three years ago where we had one blow after another.  Our basement flooded, we had a house fire and our car was stolen and totaled.  During this time I leaned so heavily into my husband for comfort and support that I wouldn’t have been able to make it without him.

holding hands

Keeping your marriage healthy is important, being relationally close and emotionally intimate is key to getting through the day, let alone getting through a crisis.

Your Spouse’s Opinion Matters

Your Spouse’s Opinion Matters

We are part of the Christian Marriage Bloggers Association and this month the shared topic of blogging is “words of wisdom”, this week the topic is words of wisdom from friends.  I am going to hit this one from a little different angle and share a friend story from this month that has brought some things to my attention in my marriage. opinions matter

Recently some conversations have occurred with a friend that have led me to believe that my opinion on some subjects doesn’t matter.  I was addressed in a somewhat condescending manner and some of the other negative comments about how some people think fit me to a “T” and I found myself offended and frustrated.

I found myself critical about the validity of the friendship and wondering what the value of that relationship really is.

After a week of meditation I decided that this was a communication area in marriage to be looked at.  I got to thinking about some topics that my husband wants to discuss that I am not interested in and am not that enthusiastic about when he wants to talk about them.  I will usually listen (not fully because I don’t find the topics interesting) to make him feel better, but I am not fully engaged during these times.

I discovered that I do this very same thing to my husband, I may not say correcting, condescending things to him, but I fail to put value on his opinion of a topic.

My husband is the talker in our relationship and I am usually a very good listener, but through this thought process I realized there are some areas that I fall very short in when it comes to listening and valuing what is being said when I don’t care for what is being said.

I realized that even though I may not be acting combative or corrective, I can make my husband feel devalued by not giving the respect to listen to him.

I think that listening to topics people want to talk about is important, but I think it even more important to give the respect of listening and giving value to something when you don’t agree with it.  There are many times in life when people disagree on a topic, but there can be respect given in the disagreement of perspectives.  I love my husband and I am going to try to change how I listen.

Answering before listening is both stupid and rude. Proverbs 18:13 The Message


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