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What Time Is It?

School got out and our life schedule got turned upside down.

Our children are finished with school for the year and are home everyday, all day, which means a new summer schedule for us as well.  This has thrown me for the last couple of weeks and I feel like I really need to take a look at how I am going to spend my time this summer and prioritize the hours I have available.

My kids may be home from school, but they each have their own summer schedule.

We are a step-family, so children’s schedules can get complicated with all of the families involved.  We have children visiting other family, working, babysitting, interning, and participating in camps and youth group activities, their lives don’t stop because school is over.  There is also added effort trying to keep up with each of the children via texts, emails and Facebook posts. We work out of our home, so all of this new running around creates pockets within our day of having to stop and run children to and from activities.  We also have summer guitar camps over the summer, so our work load changes one week a month to have 20 extra hours in it, most of this falls on Greg so I try to be as helpful as I can during those weeks.

My kids use to leave by 8am and return at snack time!

Our children are home all day for the summer, so it creates a different set of environmental circumstances.  Preparing meals is altered, because they use to eat at school.  Bigger lunches and extra snacks introduce longer prep time and more clean up. Disruptions throughout my work day when children need attention is something we are adjusting to as well.  I am not sure how the parents who work outside of the home handle it, but I am finding it challenging to adjust to the new home environment the summer brings.

I love spending time with my children , but it is hard to get any work done.

Having our children home is fun, we get to see them in a more relaxed state, not the stressed state of school and achievement they are in throughout the year.  The sun is out and outside is far more appealing that the office inside.  I am trying to adjust the work schedule to include more summer fun and still get all the things accomplished I need to, staying on task is challenging.  There is an upside in that our children are very helpful with yard work and chores while they are home, Greg and I really appreciating them picking up the slack when they can.

The summer diminishes our alone time to feed our marriage.

Every summer my husband and I find it challenging to spend quality alone time.  School provides certain hours of the day when we can be recreational and intimate without interruption.  Summer does not provide near the opportunity for these activities and we are finding it challenging to make room for ourselves.  This is a priority for us, so we are trying to quickly make sense of the change and find ways around it.  Not totally successful yet, but hopeful.

I am a scheduler and have decided to try a schedule for a couple of week.

I have a type A personality and I find with age I forget things a lot easier than I once did, lists and schedules have become my friend.  I am not yet sure how successful using a schedule will be, but I am hopeful it will help keep me on task to get done what I need to get done and spend the time with kids I want to spend.  I do not want to live my life on a schedule, but I hope to gain a rhythm from the process.

Please share your summer triumphs and failures with us


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  • tomnileen

    To the type “A” personality, (I assume that is probably Lisa)… You are not getting old and losing your memory; you just have so much more to keep track of, and it hits you every now and then that you might just lose track of something important and regret it later… Remembering to make a list with priorities on a daily basis – I do mine at night before bed – pray over it – and sanity & peace reigns in the morning. I do have to recall myself to keep making that prayerful list but it keeps me sane, knowing I can forget it all & blissfully sleep, til morning, when I will have my spiritually organized menu for the day!
    —— Love you guys….. Tom & Ileen Yuhas

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