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What Is Your New Year Bringing?

As New Year’s Day approaches I am thinking about what I would like to reset or redo in my marriage from the previous year.  It is not that I get to undo anything done, but that I get to choose to do it differently.  I can always choose to do it differently at anytime during the year, but for some reason starting a new year is an easy clean slate to start from.

New Year’s day approaching tends to have me look back at what I would have done differently.

I like getting to set new goals and ideas for my life, bettering myself and the way I treat others around me also helps me to feel great about me.  I want 2016 to be the best year yet, which is what I think every year, and as I grow older and wiser it seems to be that I use the years better and I grow up in my behaviors, attitudes and in the words I speak.

Don’t get me wrong, I also look back and appreciate the last year for what it was and think of the things I would like to continue doing.

I think it is healthy to look at how I felt I lived right throughout the year also and not just beat myself up about what I want to change.  I tend to have guilt about a lot of things in life so looking back on what I accomplished and succeeded at really helps in  maintaining my sanity and uplifting my spirit.

I pray that you all have a blessed 2016 while celebrating your in your successes from 2015!New Years 20161

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