Couples Coaching

red loveseatWe started Loveseat marriage to enrich marriages.  We have both been divorced and have seen the devastation that can come from it, so we set out to find ways to have the best marriage we could.  It has not been an easy road, but we have learned many valuable lessons and encountered a lot of useful tools that we want to share with others on their path to a better marriage, read our story here.  We frequently blog about marriage experiences we have with each other, so you can read about a lot of our journey on this site!

In our own marriage and when coaching couples, we operate from a biblical vantage point. When coaching couples, we employ the industry standard “Prepare/Enrich assessment” as well as many other books, programs, and tools to help couples grow their marriage.  We spend our time helping couples find the oneness that God intended in a relationship between a man and a woman and we repeatedly see the rewards of the hard work these couples put in as we walk with them through resolving issues in their marriage.

Couples Coaching

Couples Coaching is when we meet 2 to 2 with couples to work on building their marriage, we find there is value in meeting 2 to 2 with couples as they receive a vantage point from both sexes and the support of two people. We use the Prepare/Enrich assessment to look for strength and growth areas in their marriage and then we discuss ways to improve upon areas the couple is struggling with.

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We find these sessions are marriage building and couples come out feeling like they have more control over where their marriage is going rather than just allowing it to happen to them.  See our testimonies page to read what couples have experienced through coaching at Loveseat Marriage.  We are in the process of making it possible for couples to share coaching sessions with us online, being able to help grow couples outside of our area is a goal we want to achieve!

Enrichment Groups & Workshops

group studyWe facilitate numerous marriage enrichment groups throughout the year, these groups are a great way to meet, learn from and grow with other married couples.    Sometimes it takes an outsider’s view to gain a new perspective on an ongoing issue and these groups are a great way to gain supporters in your marriage success.  Click here to see our upcoming group schedule.  Greg also leads a men’s purity group, find out more here.

Workshops are  a great way for spouses to grow their marriage, taking a day or two to focus on the one you love and the way you relate to each other helps to create the synergy that is present in a united marriage.  We also put on Prepare/Enrich facilitator training sessions to train other to be able to use this wonderful assessment tool with couples, please email us at for more information on scheduling a training in your area.

To find out more about Loveseat Marriage and its services, contact Greg or Lisa at:

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