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Understanding Your Spouse Better

Throughout our marriage we have attended workshops, participated in group studies and read many books in an attempt to learn more about each other and how to get better at being married and it has helped.

The more we have learned about each other the better we have gotten at accepting and accommodating each other as people which in turn has helped us to love each other better. I can’t say that any of marriage education format has been more successful than another. We have had huge breakthroughs in workshops, increased our intimacy through a small group and changed the way we communicate through reading a book together.

We feel it is important in a marriage to constantly be learning about ourselves and each other, we are constantly changing and we want that to be for the better while making room for both of us in this marriage. Marriage is like anything else, you don’t go into it knowing all of the things you should know. Taking time throughout our marriage for “continuing education” is an important key to the success of our relationship.

At the beginning of this year we are refreshing ourselves with books we have already read but feel it is beneficial to go through again. We would give the advice to be proactive and seek out tools and opportunities for growth in your marriage, if you water it, it will grow.

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