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Admitting Your Faults In Marriage

Lisa’s thoughts…

Greg and I recently started re-reading a book together called Love Busters, and the first three chapters have been an eye opener for me.  I have cultivated some bad habits in our marriage and it is challenging to be reading my faults laid out in front of me.

I am so glad that we are spending time enriching our marriage and that I can address these things and not let them continue to grow and fester.

I find that it is very easy to start a bad habit and not even realize I am doing it.  I can’t imagine what our relationship might look like if we didn’t spend the time educating ourselves on how to be in relationship with each other.  The more things we read together and workshops we experience together, the stronger and more positive our marriage grows.

When we first started educating ourselves, it was very easy for me to pick out Greg’s faults in what we were reading or hearing.

It took God a while to get through to me that I needed to be looking at my heart, my faults, my contributions to our relationships, because those are the ones I am responsible for and the only ones He can help me change.  It is not easy to look in the mirror sometimes and see that I have flaws I need to work on, I know we all have flaws, but I don’t always want to see them.

Being a “perfect princess” is a lot easier than the truth of being transformed towards perfection by God.

It is not easy to see where I need to change but it is so important for our relationship that I do.  I have found that if I have the right attitude about seeking how I can help when we start a book, I can swallow the pill a lot easier when it gets handed to me.  Bottom line, I am responsible for how my relationship with my husband goes and I have to be willing to look at what is ugly about me so God can help me clean it up and make it beautiful.


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