New Loveseat

The Heat Is On!

This week Helena Montana got dumped on with snow! Our marriage coaching facility / guitar lesson facility is a metal building that is well insulated, I wanted the snow off the roof, so I assumed that if I cranked the heat it would warm beneath the snow and it would all just simply slide off the metal roof.

So I stoked the ceiling mounted shop heater to “HIGH”

I stoked the faux fireplace heater to “HIGH”

And I stoked the portable kerosene heater to “HIGH”

I was able to maintain the inside temp at about 88 degrees F, it was awesome!  I made sure the heat was on high and the kerosene heater was filled to the brim before I went to bed.  Now, my “INTENTION” was to prevent dangerous icicles and a mess all around the entrance for our marriage athletes, (Hey if we call ourselves coaches…) and guitar students. I just wanted the entrance to be safe for our friends and clients.

As I approached the building the next morning I was literally FROZE OUT!

The door was hidden behind a fantastic display of ice.  I forgot to consider SO MANY aspects and variables of what I was trying to accomplish that I literally spent so much time and money heating things up that I froze myself out.  As I chipped ice and heated a key with a lighter to melt my way back into the lock, I felt like God was approaching me with some food for thought.

Have I ever tried so hard to heat up one aspect of my marriage that I ended up freezing myself out?

Have I ever done so much good in one area that I ended up making a huge mess leaving all my efforts just as a waste of my time as well as my bride’s time?  Next time, I’ll sweep the roof before heating things up like that.  For now I have rain gutters full of ice, icicles the size of cannons.  And the very dangerous mess I had set out to prevent.

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