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The First Forty Days Of My Fortieth Year

Over the last nine months or so God has been posing several really cool things for me to accomplish during the first forty days of my fortieth year. Secretly, at first, the “fantasy” regarding this was that I wished my wife would want to be sexually intimate with me each of the first forty days of my fortieth year. Eventually this crept into our conversations, I thought it would irritate her, but it didn’t! Eventually she discovered the bead method and told me about it. The “fantasy” strengthened itself and solidified as a desire inside my brain.

Eventually, I realized that God was going to be granting this through my wife. On her own she purchased the bead method book, beads and bead catcher form Mark Gungor’s web site.

The Bead Method

I got the book as an early gift to be in the know about how to go about participating. Imagine my shock as I read and learned how much my 40th birthday desires were lining up with the husband getting 40 beads for his 40th birthday. Now going back to the last 9 months, God began giving me some concepts that I was resisting.

You see, He first presented the “reward” to me and then started to trickle in the “workload” so I could grasp it until I could conceive of actually accomplishing it.

Second, God started giving me the notion to read the bible in a certain amount of time, my own brain started to conceive it bigger than it needed to be, I wanted to commission 40 men to meet at our church to read the bible with me and knock it out within 40 days.

Can you imagine how challenging that would be?

40 men to make schedules work and actually get that done in that amount of time without a hitch? Pffft… Eventually it seemed appropriate (and lining up with what God was actually asking me to accomplish) to listen to 40 minutes of audio bible per day till I’m done. And to get that done possibly in 40 days.

The third thing God presented was for me to get myself moving! 40 minutes of treadmill for 40 days in a row.

Eventually God gave one to Lisa for me, 40 oz of water per day. When God imposes directions on me through Lisa I notice it changes the way she receives and believes. It always seems to intertwine our spiritual directives and gets us vested in one another’s spiritual to do list. So after God gave me the idea of “the reward” first to get me on board, I spent a few months just day dreaming about how to best knock each of the struggles out per day so I could then get to the dessert!

Today is my 40th birthday, I knocked out all the effort related tasks one by one first thing in the morning, but not without a struggle.  

Now wouldn’t you know that while I was trying to listen to my audio bible on the first day I had multiple interruptions! I had a child come interrupt to ask me about using the computer, a series of texts from an eager customer wanting to pin point exactly what time today his guitar would be all set up and ready to shred, and then my wife had me pause the audio for her to ask a question that could easily have waited, only to find that I then pushed the wrong button and started the audio bible back at the start. Man, was I mad! Not at any person though.

The child inside me wanted to throw my iphone aside, get off the tread mill in a dramatic huff and give up in a way that drug everyone in the house in to my miserable failure!

Then it dawned on me right away through my wife’s quickly finding my place on my iphone and helping me continue without delay that satan himself was not going to let me just get this all done without a swift sweep kick to the shins! So, successfully completing 40oz of water, 40 minutes @ 3mph on the treadmill and 40 minutes of Genesis (not the band) and I got to check the work stuff off my God list for the day. After that my wife and I prepared breakfast together while talking about how to go about the day.

Lisa flirtatiously reminded me of the rest of one of the gifts she had gotten me by telling me I need to open the beads because I’m going to be spending one today!

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