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The Face Of Your Marriage

Lisa’s thoughts…

We recently learned of a book that was written about the impact that facebook has on marriages, you can check it out at

facebook marriage book
Greg and I have talked at length about the hazards surrounding social media and the communication options that are available today.  I feel that the many ways people are able to communicate keeps people more frequently connected, but the downfall is that substance in their communication may be lacking.

Don’t get me wrong, Greg and I reconnected on facebook 19 years after we had met.

Greg and I formed a relationship after reconnecting on facebook, but we were already well aware of the dangers surrounding social sites.  Unfortunately both of us had ex-spouses who utilized the internet to repeatedly be unfaithful.  We are aware that there are issues in a marriage when something like that occurs, we don’t put the blame on the internet, but we do choose to be very careful about it in our relationship.

We decided to take precautions in our relationship that made us both feel more secure in the use of the internet.

Our decision concerning our phones, email accounts and social site logins has helped us to be overly trusting with each other.  We have one facebook as a married couple, we share an email address and we have an open understanding that each of us can look at the others phone at any time with no questions asked.  This decision was made between us when we very first got together due to our pasts and it has been awesome for us.

This may not be for everybody, but we have only benefitted from the sharing!

Some people may think that this decision was based on us not trusting each other, but it was based on exactly the opposite, we did trust each other and wanted to build on it and strengthen it by continually letting each other know there was nothing to worry about.

It has been one of the best decisions we have made concerning our marriage!

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