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Tethered Together

As a kid, I would roam the Helena MT valley on my BMX bike and venture past farm or ranch land, seeing the most intriguing contraption. It looked like a spinning clothes line but it would have live horses tethered to it.

At that age I would think how cruel, what if one of those horses simply wanted to graze and relax and the other began to move.

For years I assumed that one horse’s movement automatically forced the other horse into motion, so lets assume that to be the case. (Today while researching I only found motorized versions)

My wife is a goal setter, a list maker, and one who diligently completes these tasks she sets out to do. Especially if she commits it to paper!

Me? I get about 1 task out of 10 truly to a point where it can be crossed off that list and the 6 times per year that I sit down with her guidance and make this list I can never find the last one to cross stuff off anyway…

Yet I can roll with the punches life throws like nobody’s business. I can adapt quickly and almost always strive to see the good that God has in store in almost every scenario life could throw at me!  Now when it comes to lists and the task at hand I am very quick to complain and dig in my heels.

I become like a child who does not wish to take a nap but needs one very badly!

So can you imagine where my wife comes into this story when it comes to rolling with punches in life?  Who wants to be punched?  She does not take this aspect of our spiritual lives very easily.

But if God is training you for something big, so that He can bless you, you can absolutely expect some Mr. Miyagi type stuff heading your way via our loving creator.  And when one is training for something, you are being TRAINED for something! Not some fluffy video game pansy version that you can exit at will.

“Real” life is not about everyone getting a turn and a participant ribbon at the end.

For instance, my parents paid good money for me to sit on the bench in little league. Why was I on the bench? Because I was terrible! What was the good in that? My longest lasting friendships to date came out of the coach’s own son sitting on that bench right beside me!

One night I was intently listening to my wife complain to me about a circumstance in our life, I began to comfort her and encourage her.  She let me know that I was doing a poor job and that I wasn’t comforting her.  I tired the fluffy sweet my little pony theme for about  2 seconds, she removed my hands and evaded my touch as I tried the simple route, so I gave her a pep talk and fantastic metaphorical smack on the behind and sent her back into the game!

I prayed for her and disregarded her negativity, to her dismay; I did it like a football coach because it was what she needed!

As this all transpired God showed me a 3 horse walker.  In a Godly marriage, one beautiful form of spiritual insurance is to have God himself join you and your spouse on one of these contraptions!  If God starts walking, I have no choice but to walk. If I or my spouse chooses to walk, the other will follow suit in no time.  Now don’t get me wrong… This all comes back on me! It’s by no means a critique nor slam against my wife!

If God has blessed your marriage to place Himself, on a horse walker with you and your spouse, be glad! Work together to make sure no one horse is too tired, but also not too lazy!

When I am rolling with punches and circumstances of life and hearing from God on how to behave in the circumstances, I am grateful that God has tethered us so that Lisa is sure to follow.  On the flip side, when Lisa is setting goals and making lists, I am grateful that God has tethered us so that I am sure to follow.  We both benefit from the gifts, talents, diligence, and relationship with God that we each have.  A horse walker?  What a brilliant contraption!

Please share any similar analogies or thoughts you may have by commenting!

Also read a little about the contraption here to see how spiritually profound this analogy could potentially be:

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