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Marriage coaching is very important and so many people overlook this aspect if marriage. It was great to hear marriage tips from people who have “been there.” Greg and Lisa make marriage coaching easy. They are inviting and easy to talk to. I would recommend loveseat marriage to any couple who is looking at making their marriage stronger in a healthy and Godly way.
~ Ryan & Stefanie Lineaweaver

Greg and Lisa Campbell care more about marriage than any other couple I have ever met.  God has given them both an incredible heart for their own marriage and the marriages of others.  There was a time when they cared more about my marriage than I did.  And I am so grateful that they were there to help me through it.  Without their prayers, love and guidance, I’m not sure we would have made it through.
~ Julie Moore

Greg and Lisa’s ministry has improved our marriage more than any previous group we have been a part of. Their honesty, openness, and humor are very refreshing. We have been encouraged to be the best possible people individually as well as a married couple. Whether someone is engaged or struggling through subsequent marriages, we would highly recommend Greg and Lisa.
~ Conrad & Allison Flynn

Marriage is tough work, especially now a days when it seems to be so easy to give up. Greg and Lisa created a safe and spirit-filled atmosphere for my husband and I to be able to voice not only our concerns but praises concerning our marriage. They were welcoming and gave ” real” advice to everyday problems we all face. They never made us feel ashamed in our issues and always find a way to help us leave our meetings feeling refreshed and lifted up. Again, marriage is hard work, but I am so thankful that God put people like Greg and Lisa in our lives who can help show you how amazing marriage really can be! Thanks Greg and Lisa we love you and love what God has called you to do:)
~ Megan Hernandez

Loveseat Marriage is fantastic for couples at any point in the journey of marriage. As Newlyweds we have been able to learn about setting our marriage up for success and how to best deal with conflicts when they arise. The largest benefit to us is that they have become a safe place for us to discuss our problems without judgement and we have made some fantastic friends in the process!
~ Jeremiah & Britney Hiatt

Loveseat Marriage had been great for my husband and I as a couple! Although with our schedules we are unable to attend small groups like we want, it has been helpful for the times attended. Greg and Lisa have a true passion to share their experience with others to help them see other perspectives on conflicts in a marriage. It’s nice to have someone to look towards for advice 🙂
~ Shawna Nyberg

As a couple that has been married for almost 33 years you tend to be content yet almost complacent about how good your marriage really is. It has been very refreshing to share thoughts and ideas in a forum such as this. What we learned is that there are still so many things to explore , laugh about , cry about ,and most importantly be excited about as a couple. We have always enjoyed the Biblical aspect that loveseat marriage ALWYAYS puts as the priority ! We would highly recommend  Loveseat Marriage to any couple whether you are newlyweds or a couple who is looking to discover, explore, and reenergize your marriage.
~ Bob & Joyce Day

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  • Jay Stomprud

    I have been friends with Greg for well over 10 years now and have seen him grow in faith and maturity. Add Lisa, and they have become amazing advocates for God and Godly marriage. I am honored to have had the opportunity to have them give fresh incite and sew seeds into my own 19 year marriage. I highly recommend them to any couple!

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