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Strengthening Your Marriage For Others

Greg and I were going through a rough time about 5 months ago and we had some great friends step in and pray for us, check on us and even correct us when needed.  We were so appreciative of this, we received so much through them during this time.

I don’t always want people to know my business and to be involved with my troubles and faults.

This was a point of contention for me at first, my pride got in the way of what God was trying to do for us through our friends.  I tend to want to hide in myself during storms instead of opening up and letting others protect me and shield me when I cannot see clearly to do it myself.

God has been working on this with me, opening up is not easy, but it is sure easier to let someone help you carry the burden when you are going through it.

We are in a much healthier place and are finding ourselves now being used by God to come into service for the very couple who was there for us.  Our friends have found their lives and family turned upside down by many changes and health issues currently going on.  God keeps calling us to intercede on their behalf and to keep constant love on them.

As Greg and I were on our knees earlier this week I realized that if we were not in a strong healthy place in our marriage we would be unusable by God.

I have found a new respect this week for making sure my marriage relationship is in as healthy of a place as I can keep it.  We love our friends so much and we know that God loves them and cares about them more than we could ever know.  We were honored that he chose us to be there for them, even if they didn’t know it.  We would have been useless if our marriage was in a place where we weren’t close enough to come together on our knees for prayer on their behalf.

Keeping our marriage healthy is just as important for others as it is for us.

We were so glad that our friends were in a place to be faithful for us and we want to maintain a place where we can be available to be faithful for others!  Greg and I do marriage coaching and facilitate small group studies to enrich marriages, including ours, and to build a support network of married couples who will step up for each other in times of need.

Being coaches for others has lead us to seek out a couple at church to be coaches for us, we find value in having accountability and a sounding board with a couple who will speak truth in love to us.

Please share with us your ideas for keeping your marriage vibrant!


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  • Ross Roberts

    I couldn’t sleep tonight, so I was up very early at about 5:30 a.m. (I don’t have to be at work until 9 a.m., so I don’t usually arise until about 7:30) and decided to get caught up on my email. My 26 yr old daughter, due to some financial setbacks, has had to move back in with us and sleeps on the couch in our living room (her Grandpa now occupies her old room), right around the corner from the kitchen where I am sitting at the table with low light levels so as not to disturb her sleep. I get the daily email from “The Generous Husband” who linked to this article. I had just started to read it when your voice cam booming out of my Chromebook’s speakers, and I was scrambling to remember how to mute it and just ended up closing the whole browser window.
    Even if it wasn’t such a noise-sensitive time, I hate to be unexpectedly assaulted by sound when I have gone to a page where I expect to be able to just read in peace and quiet.
    So please, if you want to have a sound file, post a link to it so your readers can choose whether or not to listen to it.

    Thank you!

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