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Scoring “Love”

The other day my wife simply said “We’re going to go play tennis.”

Through body language, she definitely let me know she was curious about my approval and through body language let her desire be known.  But I knew I had an option…

So we went to a tennis court. The wind was obnoxious! We didn’t really know how to play tennis except through physical education class in our pasts, but we knew enough to have some fun.

At one point, my wife asked while running, if I was just making her run back and forth on purpose.

I got to tell you, as she asked, that I realized that yes, I was!  In ways I have not yet been able to identify, there was something really attractive about #1 seeing her move! And I mean move! And #2 to compete against my wife in a way that did not have me siding with someone else that was exhilarating in a very romantic way.

I guess I was like a 5 year boy confused by his emotions who pulls the hair of the cute girl in kindergarten.

Wow! That all happened through recreational companionship playing tennis! Who knew?  It taught me I would “LOVE”  being on my wife’s team against another couple or competing against her one on one, all in the name of good healthy fun!  Viewing her efforts, sportsmanship, and seeing that she is definitely NOT a lazy girl exhilarated my ego, my libido, my affection and admiration for her!

So here is to tennis!

What recreational experiences have you and your spouse had that really took you by surprise and fulfilled aspects of your marriage that were unexpected????

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