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Schools Back In Session, Are You Continuing Your Education?

Lisa’s thoughts on school…

Around this time of year you will find me working on getting our family schedules back in line and I am excited about the quiet morning time Greg and I get to resume.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still organizing and working schedules, but this year another agenda entered our lives, continuing marriage education.

Our kids were going back into the classroom, so why weren’t we?

Greg and I spend a lot of time looking into curriculums and reading marriage materials to prepare ourselves for the enrichment we facilitate for other couples in our community, but looking into materials for a class and reading a book together to benefit our marriage are two totally different things.

We definitely benefit in our marriage from reading materials to prepare for group studies, but sometimes your own marriage can fall between those cracks.

Just because marriage has become our career doesn’t mean we don’t have to work on it, if anything we have to work harder.  This morning we started reading a marriage book called Love Busters, it is an accompanying book to His Needs Her Needs by Willard Harley.  We are both very excited to look at our marriage through this book and learn ways that we may be subtracting from each others love bank.

How can you and your spouse continue your marriage education this year?

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