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Revisiting Recreation

Summer is approaching and it usually means time for fun in the sun!  Last year we spent the summer looking for free or very reasonable ways to recreate as spouses in our area of the world, we had great fun doing it and we wanted to revisit that post as a reminder that you can have a summer filled with fun recreation on a very slim budget!  Please see our blog “Re-create through Recreation” below.

Re-Create Through Recreation

This summer has been very busy for our family, we have kids in all kinds of activities and we have some weeks with extra work loads, so finding time to recreate has been challenging for us.

Summer is a time we like to be outside and be able to spend time with each other reconnecting through recreation. 

We visit with a lot of couples about recreating together and there is usually the same consensus among them, they want to find ways to do it but it can get expensive.  There are a multitude of reasons why money can be an issue when trying to recreate with your spouse, whatever the reasons maybe, we think there are still many ways that couples can get together and connect.

We decided that this summer we were going to look for ways in our community that we could recreate for little or no money.

We are also on a tight budget, so this benefits us greatly, but we wanted to be able to let other couples see that there are ways to recreate on a budget.  Greg and I have had some great fun this summer and we have plans for some things to come over the next couple months before the weather gets uncooperative.

Finding things you both want to do together can be challenging, but you don’t know until you try.

Greg and I are very different and we don’t necessarily enjoy a lot of the same things, but we have found things we enjoy doing together through trial and error.  Trying new things with your spouse can be great fun, depending on where you live, the options can be limitless.  We live in the mountains of Montana so there are a lot of outside recreational things to do here.

Who knew digging rocks and exercising would turn into relationship building!

Two of my favorite things we have done this summer were hiking Mt Helena (making it to the top) and sapphire mining.  I would never usually wake up in the morning and decide I want to go rock hunting at a sapphire mine, but that recreational experience turned into hours of recreation for our family!  We keep re-creating our relationship as we recreate, we learn about each other and we learn about ourselves.

Follow our journey to find fun ways to recreate as a couple on a budget!

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