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Relational Seasons

Our relationship has seasons; we spend seasons doing certain activities, having to accomplish certain tasks or we weather through storms that come along in life.  These seasons seem to change how we function as a married couple.  We can become less sweet with each other than we once were, we can become closer through the season, and we can learn through the changes that the seasons bring.

Greg and I will be entering into a new season this week as our four children head back off to school and this is a relational season change I am looking forward to!

Greg and I spend a lot of time together during the day, in fact some of our friends have asked us how we do it, but we really enjoy the amount of time that we get to share with each other.  There are hours throughout the day where we are both working and are apart, but we really cherish our time together throughout the day, especially our mornings of reading the bible over coffee, going for a walk and spending intimate time together.

Summer has posed a challenge for us in finding private time to be intimate, so I am really looking forward to gaining my mornings alone with my husband back!

The summer time seems to create a distance within us due to the change in privacy and amount of available alone time.  Summer brings many fun activities and the weather to spend more time outside with our family and with each other, but it doesn’t seem to mask the absence of the quality time that we get to spend together and build our relationship through.

The changes in our relationship due to the time schedules have beneficial results, not just negative ones.

Our summer time spent does seem to be beneficial in that it tends to point out some areas where we may be lacking in meeting each others needs and brings them to our attention.  Increased conflict breeds awareness of areas needing care.  I think that sometimes we don’t even realize that we need something until it is missing.

Share with us some pros and cons from seasons in your marriage…

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