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Relational Accommodation

Do you accommodate the relationships in your spouses’ life?  Do you facilitate the building of relationships or accommodate the time for your spouse to spend with other people in their lives?

I have been contemplating this very thing throughout the month of October and this last week while my mom was here gave me a different perspective about accommodating relationships in Greg’s life.

My husband makes room in our schedule for me to have coffee with friends and will even go out of his way to serve us while we are doing it!

My husband frequently fills coffee cups and serves a treat to me and my friends while we are having coffee.  He goes out of his way to facilitate this time for me to have with friends.  He also made sure to cook dinner on Sunday so I would not have to cook dinner on the night we were celebrating my birthday, this allowed me more time to spend with my mom who was visiting from out of town.

I have been asking myself “do I accommodate my husband’s relationships the way he accommodates mine?”

This whole month I have been in thought about my part in relationships for Greg.  I feel that I accommodate my husband’s relationship in a different way than he does for me and he does a much better job at it than I do.  I may put myself out so that he can do something or even go with him somewhere so that he can see people he wants to see, but I don’t feel that I serve him through the process so he gets the most out of it that he could.

My servants heart needs an adjustment towards accommodating fellowship for my husband.

I find myself marveling at my husband and how he decides to treat me and my friends during our time together and I want to make a change in his direction.  I am not rude or unwilling for him to have these times, I just feel I could do a much better job of loving him through serving and accommodating him during these times.  My husband makes me feel like a princess when he does these things and I want to make him feel like the king he is to me!

Share with us how your spouse accommodates the relationships in your life.


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