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When we get married and say “I do” we are taking on a multitude of responsibilities, including agreeing to meet our spouse’s needs.  “Failing” to meet our spouses needs is something we will be held accountable for, God wants his children taken care of and will question how our spouse was cared for and if they were cherished and blossomed in our care or if they struggled and went without their needs met in our care.

“Refusing” to meet the needs of your spouse is a whole different ball game, and one I never want to answer for playing in.

Today I read something that really got me thinking about this topic: CLICK HERE TO READ THE BLOG POST


Some questions it brought to mind for me were:

-Do I feel like sometimes I end up having to give 150% to my marriage?

-Do I ever feel like I have to work exceptionally hard to meet my spouse’s needs to in turn get my needs met based on my good behavior?

-Do I end up with a bad attitude as I correlate what the bible says about those needs and her turning me down or rejecting me and then in turn abuse my biblical knowledge to let her know where I think she is wronging me?

-If the answer to any of these is yes, is there anything wrong with that?

For me, all of those questions get an answer of yes from time to time, so I can only assume my wife feels the same way.

I often “feel” like I never refuse my wife, however in having her proof my blog the Holy Spirit prompted her to ask if ever drink Mountain Dew even though she has asked me to not just drink soda all the time. OUCH!!! I guess that really is refusal.

I also feel like I am quick to serve but after that gut check I question how “great” I really am compared to what I thought 10 minutes ago.

Well, at any rate, even when my ego can’t fit through the door, I hope God is as pleased about my perceived heart and attitudes as I am. Of course He isn’t. So, I pray he would make the reality of me match the perception I have of myself.

I know I fail my wife, but I never want to refuse her needs.

I will ask God to change my perspective of where my wife is going right or going wrong, because I know I am no better.  I want to view life like Jesus would, to love my wife like Christ loves the church.  I know we are all works in progress, and this is an area I want to make progress!

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