Re-create Through Recreation

Join us as we look for activities that couples can do together to recreate that are cost effective and fun!

ice cream

We found this one by accident,  we stopped to grab a quick bite at Taco Treat one night and found out they have a soft serve machine so you can have ice cream for dessert.  For 50 cents you get and ice cream cone and they let you serve yourself and make your own cone.  For $1 we can both get an ice cream cone and visit while we enjoy it.  This one was a great find for us because we have four children, for $3 we can all go out and have an ice cream!

GeocachingWe recently discovered geocaching after friends of our introduced us to it.  This has become one of our favorite activities to do together!  If you are not familiar with what geocaching is, it is essentially real life treasure hunts that people put all over the city for you to find, only there isn’t a treasure, you get the joy of being able to find them.  Some of them are easy and some of them are really tough.  You can download an app for free to do this from a smart phone and you can also purchase apps to do this activity.  If you do not have a smart phone, there are ways to geocache with a gps.  We have had hours of fun with this one and the kids love to get involved from time to time too!


We spent an evening enjoying the peace and quiet of the duck pond at the fairgrounds.  There were other people there so we chose to feed the ducks from the gazebo.  We visited and watched the birds, it was very calming and made room for a lot of conversation.  This is an activity that can be done for very little money, we brought old bread from our fridge but I know you can get a loaf of bread for under a dollar.  This is an activity our children love as well!

Tennis title  tennis greg

One of our first new recreational activities this summer was tennis.  We started this activity before the idea of looking for inexpensive ways to re-create our relationship through recreation.  I had played a little tennis back in high school and Greg had played in gym class, so we weren’t expecting much of each other but fun, and fun it is!  We love going to the tennis court together, it is great exercise and it is fun.  We don’t get into extreme competition with each other, we spend more time laughing at ourselves, in fact I think it has helped me to further develop the skill of being able to laugh at myself.  This activity costs us no out of pocket expense except for the gas to get where we are going.  We already had tennis rackets (A beginner racket can be purchased pretty inexpensively) that belonged to our children and the use of a tennis court is free at many parks in our area.

Mining Title

Sapphire Mining1Saphire Mining 2

Greg and I spent a Saturday afternoon at the Spokane Bar Sapphire Mine.  We had so much fun with this activity!  For $10 the guide lead us up a hill where we could dig our own 5 gallon bucket of gravel and then he showed us how to look for the sapphires.  We have found some treasure in our gravel and it has provided hours of conversation between Greg and I, as well as family fun.  For $10 we got hours of entertainment and an activity that the kids can participate in with us!


Hiking is a free activity that you can do many places int he Helena area.  This particular time we hiked Mt. Helena and we proudly made it to the top.  This hike took us a while but it also provided a lot of relationship building as we had to coax each other up the mountain.  We got more out of this activity than we bargained for and we would do it again!

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