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Yesterday the Holy Spirit lead me to take my wife to our garage, dim the lights and let spotify play some praise and worship music while we quieted ourselves with no distractions.  While the song Amazed by Desperation Band played in the background, I got the following content for this week’s blog.

Question number one:

Do you believe that making love is a form of worshiping our creator?

I do!

Question number two:

Do you enjoy enhancing the mood for love making with music?

I do!

And question three:

Do you ever listen to praise and worship or Christian music while making love to your spouse?

(record scratch)

What ???

Yup, you heard me right, do you ever listen to praise and worship or Christian music while making love to your spouse?

I have learned that many Christians are uncomfortable having praise and worship or Christian music playing while making love to their spouse.  

Why is it that we can get down and dirty with our spouse while listening to music most appropriate for a common strip club but the notion of Jesus in the lyrics will kill the mood for the majority of us?  As God seemed to be planting this nugget in my head this morning, I felt like He was asking me to take inventory of some great songs to make love to and I felt that He asked me to consider both secular and praise and worship tracks.

I also felt led to create a playlist of the titles on my spotify account and invite you all to contribute. Please take advantage of the playlist by following it and listening to it.


Now there are secular songs that are just too far beyond inappropriate and definitely praise and worship or Christian music that really would kill the mood.  For instance watching The Passion of The Christ together would be a horrible date night movie if you were trying to heat your spouse up for some lovin’.

The first three songs that came to my mind were:

Summer Nights as performed by VanHalen

Amazed as performed by Desperation Band

Sexual Healing as performed by Ben Harper

I asked my wife for three songs she felt would enhance the mood, and initially she said instrumental music with a definite beat. She felt that lyrics might distract her to be thinking about too many other things and not focusing on me or us.

Please comment and submit as many song recommendations as you wish, I’ll try adding them as soon as I can. (I respectfully reserve the right to refuse submissions that I am uncomfortable with) and I welcome criticism concerning the playlist. If you dislike a track for lyrical content, let me know.


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