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"Paying" Attention

This week my husband and I went on a shopping trip.  A store in our town had a great sale and we spent the morning trying on and choosing new clothes.  We found a lot of great things that were needed for my husband.  On the way home I told him I was excited for him and asked him if he was excited.

“Not really, there is only one thing I really get that excited about” he said as he flirted with me.

It was at that moment that I realized what had been happening that morning, I had missed it while it was occurring.  My husband likes to look nice for me and he doesn’t mind when I help choose things that I think look great on him, but he doesn’t enjoy shopping.

He had spent the entire hour and a half we were shopping fulfilling needs I have for companionship and for him to look nice.  He had been pleasant, tried on all of the clothes I kept bringing him and he was doing it for me!  He came home with three bags of clothes, he didn’t feel he needed them, he just made sure to meet my need during that time!

“I was so full of love for him at that moment, what an awesome thing to do!”

I unfortunately hadn’t given his needs much thought during that shopping trip except for the need for him to be covered with clothes.  He made me stop and think about what it really means to be giving of your time and to check the attitude in which you give it.  I should have been paying attention to him while we were paying for his clothes.

Putting others before you is God’s plan, when you give you will receive.  My husband not only came home with three bags of clothes, he got an intimate surprise from me when we got there.

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