Intentions to Mention

We feel like God has called us to be transparent with others about our marriage relationship – the great, the sad and the Godly of it all…

Lisa’s thoughts:

Do you ever get emails of forwarded marriage blog posts and marriage articles from your husband so frequently that you can’t read them all?


That’s right, my husband looks at so many marriage blogs and articles per day that I am not sure how he keeps up with them all.  Some of his favorites are,,,, and

I have to remind myself to have patience with my husband about this.  Who on earth would be upset about a husband who spends his daily free time looking into improving our marriage.  I am so lucky to have a husband so invested with our marriage, but I cannot keep up with him and I don’t have the same interest in the articles as he does.  I sometimes feel like it will upset him if I don’t put the same weight on them that he does.

“The articles on sex appear most frequently!”

I sometimes view the sex articles as him trying to let me know how I can improve instead of seeing that he is just passing along information he thinks might be helpful.  I will stop to think about his intentions of sending them before asking him about them.  I know my husband loves me tremendously and he only wants what is best for our marriage, I am very fortunate he takes the time to invest in us this way.  It is not like he would take time in his day trying to frustrate me.

“No husband wakes up in the morning trying to frustrate his bride and upset the sex scale!”

I continue to grow my patience in this area as he walks out to our van to put another pile of printed articles in it to bring home to add to the stack in our office LOL

What’s going on for him? Why does he do this?


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