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God has called Lisa and I to work towards promoting marriage as a hip cool exciting fun hobby! Therefore, our facebook feed is healthily dosed with all of the best marriage bloggers face book page feeds…

Greg feels:

In response to

One of My favorite aspects of facebook, is each time I turn it on there is almost always brand new posts from the ripe for the “sex hungry” husband’s greedy brain… the other brain, the one in my skull, you know… the second brain?


Am I sex “starved”??? NO! Nevertheless, I like to think that I am… each time I’m at an emotional low…

To be honest… when I really “man up” about what is going on… I suppose what I am really doing is not very cool. The search starts out even in my own mind under the “guise” of trying very hard to convince or spur things to my liking or to match the level of my need by using the opinions of an outside source… Even when I may have misconstrued them.

I have the most difficult time communicating with my wife the matters of my heart. They seem to come across as selfish and inconsiderate. The truth is I just cannot get enough of her! Every book or seminar test we ever take, my sexuality or sense of touch are off the scale when it comes to the five love languages or HIS NEEDS, HER NEEDS

I once did a Google search out of frustration about sexual frequency. I found one place (which I can not remember where) an answer that made me feel better, and always resonates in my mind… it was something to the effect of When the less driven spouse asks for outside advice about “how often”… it suggested to them something to the effect that you should have sex as often as the sexually driven spouse needs or wants to have sex.

Now, I AM WELL AWARE that this does NOT mean I get my needs met with no reciprocation or effort on my part to do the same

NOW, I am NEVER complaining when I send my wife these (wink wink nudge nudge) “links” although I have learned through communication that this makes my wife feel as though I am dissatisfied with HER… for the record, this is not the case.

NEVERTHELESS, I have a great responsibility in rethinking this approach! Christ would have me serve my wife and treat her like a princess before making her feel poorly. Likewise, for any of you readers out there… allow your spouse to guide you whether you enjoy their tact or not. SEEK THE TRUTH. If there is a lack, whether you agree or not, wouldn’t you rather know it and have the opportunity to respond to the best of your ability? Or on the other hand, just not know and allow “another” to swoop in like a vulture to steal your prize?

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