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Relationships go through seasons of ups and downs, it can be frustrating trying to turn a ship around without knowing how to steer it or where it is going, marriage coaching can help!

What is Marriage Coaching
Marriage coaching is an opportunity to get together with a married couple with real relationship experience to talk about areas you want to grow in your relationship.  You benefit from the real life experiences of another couple as you discover areas where you can meet your partner’s needs to create a relational environment of mutually fulfilling sex, open communication, respect and love.

Through the use of assessment tools and goal setting, you can discover what may be holding you back from the relationship you deserve and create goals to get there together.  Through Loveseat Marriage coaching sessions and the use of guided resolution tools, you can begin to build a useful “tool box” to draw from in your relationship.

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Loveseat Marriage Coaching compared to Counseling

Coaching enables you to grow through the real life experiences of another couple
counseling is textbook-centric.

Coaching uses assessment tools to help you pinpoint growth areas
counseling’s focus is problem-centric.

Coaching is 2 on 2 providing you a male and female perspective
counseling is 1 on 2 or 1 on 1, diminishing the feedback.

What We Offer:
Premarital Preparation Package: six – 2 hour sessions $50
Annual Marriage Assessment Package: six – 2 hour sessions $50
Packages include: an online assessment, couples assessment report & couples workbooks

Are you ready to engage in the relationship you deserve


Are you ready to re-engage in the relationship you deserve?


Loveseat Marriage serves Helena, MT and the surrounding areas, all sessions take place in our Helena, MT office.

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