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Love Your Marriage in 2020

We have a good marriage, but I want an even better marriage, so this year I am going to meditate on the idea of loving my marriage. I don’t want to settle for the status quo, I know there is something bigger and better out there for us and I want to put into our marriage what it takes to make it amazing.

Today is January 1st and it is widely known as the day we all get to start over and do new things, I want to look at wiping the slate clean in my marriage so for the month of January I am going to meditate on forgiveness and being able to move past things that are keeping me from being able to move on to greater things with my husband.

It is difficult for two to become one if I am leaving roadblocks in between us. I am really looking forward to what God will show me, what I will learn and gain through this month and I look forward to you sharing your forgiveness experience with me as I take this journey.

Happy New Year!

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