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Love Should Always Assume The Best

Lisa’s thoughts…

Greg and I recently had a disagreement that stemmed from a misunderstanding of what was said and it has me meditating on people’s assumptions about their spouse.  Our misunderstanding got way out of hand too fast and then more damage was caused during the argument about the misunderstanding.  It seems to be an instance that could have been avoided all together, but I know I played a part in propelling the argument and wounding my husband in the process.

If only a clarifying question would have been asked, I think it all could have been avoided.

questionsI discovered that we can hear our spouse say something and then not stop to think about what they may have meant or ask further questions for clarification about what they meant.  Before long, the enemy has us convinced of their guilt, malice and the injustice that was done to us, all because we fell under an assumption instead of asking a question.  I was the one misunderstood in this scenario, but in the future I am going to try to remember to ask my husband questions if I feel like I am misunderstanding him or he says something I don’t like.

I think we should try to assume the best of our spouse out of love for them.

I feel like the world around us, what we watch, listen to and take in, tends to help us think the worst of our spouse if they do something we question.  It can become easy to take offense rather than taking the time to make sure you understand each other.  In this microwave ready society where we text rather than talk, it has become increasingly easier to misunderstand each other, seeking the truth is always a great place to start before making up your mind.

Love first, ask questions second, and then come to a conclusion in love.

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