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Early this week we found out about a circumstance that some good friends of ours are going through and my wife and I then came together to pray. Lisa prayed about God protecting them in the circumstances and from the spiritual attack that surrounds all these circumstances for our dear friends, to cover all the bases, I whole heartedly agree!  While she was praying, I felt like God started to speak to me about what’s “really” going on around them and He used the word “exposure”.  Their circumstances are an “exposure” to see where they’re at in life.  He is trying to see how they respond to the circumstances and how they react inside themselves to the pressures.

That is what He is going to use to determine where he places them as they “level up” in their relationships with God and how he’ll use them next.

Today God woke me with instructions to apply to my life and shared some keen observations of the lives of others right in the middle of a fantastic dream about my wife.  Honestly, I really wanted to stay in the dream! But nevertheless, God always brings good stuff.  God reminded me again of the word “exposure” from our prayer time for our friends earlier in the week.  I believe that God often gives us what I call “placement tests” using (not causing, but using) circumstances like floods, fires, car thefts or maybe medical circumstances, financial struggles, or near fatal experiences.  It’s good to check all fluids in your vehicle before driving it on a long trip and to balance and rotate your tires right?

Well, God is basically checking the oil and tires on our attitude and the true nature of our “thankful hearts” to see where and how he can use us next, or how much of a blessing we can handle!

I believe God has revealed to me that he will also give us metaphorical “manna” which may be in the form of money, sex, time, or his very own attention, etc. And then He sits back to see if we think negatively or complain in the midst of an abundance of anything he may choose to bless us with.

Sometimes in our marriages, we complain about blessings or we don’t put to best use what God is handing to us for the sake of grand spiritual consumption.  When God is “placement testing” us with a blessing of an abundance of “time” we sometimes choose not to spend it with our spouse.  While complaining that we are both bored and too busy at the same time, God’s hope may have been for us to use that time to connect with our spouse. God may provide a handful of “money” (maybe just enough for flowers) hoping we gift our spouse or God may create an outlet to connect intimately.

2 Corinthians 9:8 God can pour on the blessings in astonishing ways so that you’re ready for anything and everything, more than just ready to do what needs to be done.

Unfortunately, we tend to miss the mark and we unknowingly disregard the “blessing” and reveal the level of our ungrateful nature to God.  Don’t stress, I believe it does not anger Him, I think he just uses it to gauge what we can handle when it comes to His blessings. When we plea in prayer for God’s abundance and then complain about the abundance of something that God himself views as a good thing, He may level us up with the minimum blessing, He might have to hold us back for a season, or even go back and walk.  Have you seen the movie Billy Madison???

During my sleep, God revealed to me an area where someone close to me is living in one of God’s abundances and seems to be making the worst of it for themselves.

The blessing is actually a frustration to this person. God did not show me this as a criticism of them, but He told me to use this observation and to inventory my own heart, mind, and attitude to notice areas where I live in God’s abundance ungratefully.

God reminded me that often I literally pray for “abundance,” so if abundance is truly what I want from Him, then I need understand this concept.  So, it is time for me to live with a thankful heart in every area of my life. Therefore, I need to seek even the simplest and most innocent of discrepancies in order for Him to bless me in the way I have asked.

It is so amazing when God speaks!

So, I wrapped up my thoughts and feeling quite pleased with myself for dictating the beginnings of this blog thus far. I emailed the dictation from my phone, and went back to bed eager to possibly return the fantastic dream I was having. Lisa was on the treadmill anyway, so I thought what a great time to get a little bit of extra sleep! In my head, I started excitedly daydreaming about the days coming events and what to do in my life about all that God had just spoken to me.

While trying to go back to sleep, I thought about the thing that I’ve noticed that someone close to me is experiencing due to abundance and God began to nudge me back out of bed.

First: My greatest blessing of abundance, the love of my wife. Who what when where and why she is to me. Next; my marriage. And third of all; God wanted me to get up, go punctuate and edit this dictation and prepare it for this blog entry.  God let me know that He gave me an abundance of creativity and I’m constantly complaining to God how I’m either bored or don’t have the time, or lack the best tools, etc.  Go figure! We also own a great home, yet the basement floods a handful of times per year, no professionals can give us a solution let alone expose the problem and I just have to do an emergent clean up when it happens. It spawns much complaining and irritation from me. I suppose it wouldn’t be too difficult for God to show me what its like to be homeless?

Think about your life… Where do you have an abundance that you need to change your attitude? Where is God blessing you with abundance?

We should all strive change our attitudes toward circumstances and be thankful for abundance from God.  No matter if it’s at the top of your list of favor, your spouses, or someone else around you, be thankful so that God can level you up where you want to be.

What are your thoughts?

Where have you unknowingly been ungrateful and where have you been fortunate enough to have God reveal it to you so you could change your heart?


  • Bob Day

    I too have often prayed for abundance however always before taking careful inventory of the abundance I already have! Recently our drain field collapsed and what I did was pray for a good solution to a real problem . Not being able to use any thing that produces waste water will truly set a persons priorities straight! As soon s I quit worrying about the ” STUFF ” I didn’t have and asked god for something that I really ” needed ” He was quick to answer and provide what we needed. As I became older I struggled when I prayed and the answers weren’t clear or I didn’t understand them .I prayed then as I do now for God to be clear when he answers. He has never failed me ! For this and all the wonderful things in my life that God has given me I AM most definitely Grateful !

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