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Is There A Communication Breakdown In Your Marriage?

Remember those days in the beginning of your relationship when you could talk for hours, what happened to them?

In all relationships there is a time when all you want to do is sit in each others presence and talk while hanging on to each others every word, then you get married.  Realities of life set in and we have said a lot of what we wanted to say while dating and trying to get to know each other.

Sometimes after marriage we are left with little to say to each other and somehow our words seem to get jumbled up and cause conflict rather than make us swoon.

The way I see it, communication is a skill that needs to be worked on.  People need to communicate with each other, so why not get good at it?  There are many problems that can arise in a marriage, but if you are unable to communicate effectively about them they will seem bigger, take longer to sort out, and probably cause more hurt along the way.

communication works

There are many resources available today to be able to work on communication as a team.

Making a conscious effort to work on communication with your spouse can be so rewarding, it can lead to less arguments, you meeting each others needs more effectively, and increased intimacy leading to a more fulfilling sex life.  Seek out some tools for you and your spouse today, you won’t be sorry!

Please comment and share some resources for our readers that you may have found useful in communicating more effectively in your marriage.

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