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Is Marriage Coaching For You?

Lisa’s thoughts on marriage coaching…

I think marriage coaching can be beneficial for everyone, we all walk through life seeking approval and guidance from those around us in different areas in our lives, why should our marriages be any different?

 Men will approach their buddies about what to do about a certain situation at home or to complain about something not going on at home.  Women make coffee appointments with their girlfriends to discuss issues that are concerning them or to complain about their husbands.  We all want to be heard, be encouraged, and maybe gain a nugget of wisdom of how we can change something or do something better.

 Can you think of one couple that you would prefer to ask questions about your marriage, you know, that one couple who you feel has their marriage together and would give you sound advice.

If you have a couple in mind, that is fantastic!  Having someone in your life to meet this need is a blessing; some of you may know of a couple but you don’t know them well enough to ask or they are too close to your situation for you to feel comfortable sharing intimate details of your marriage with them.  And sadly, some of you don’t know of a couple that you would trust or look up to in this way, it is becoming increasingly hard to find couples to look to for advice.

Sometimes in life, we need a third party to help us see what we can’t see on our own.

There are many areas in life where we spend time and money educating ourselves and learning skills to help us succeed.  Some of us may do it to further our jobs; some of us may get a tutor while in school; some of us may learn how to fix our dishwasher at home; depending on the issue at hand, we seek out information from different sources.  It is human nature to figure out a problem set in front of us, and if the internet doesn’t cut it, we seek professional advice.

Why do we have such a hard time building skills and seeking advice in our marriages?

Our marriage is the single most important relationship in our life, why don’t we spend time learning how to be married?  Why do we wait until we have a major problem and our marriage has to be saved before we will step out and seek guidance?  I feel we spend more time learning to drive a car than we do to drive a marriage.  Why would we leave this most important aspect of our lives to chance?  Why don’t we educate ourselves along the way?

I believe marriage coaching has created a marriage relationship for me that I would not have been able to attain any other way!

Through attending and teaching marriage workshops and study groups, I have learned important skills in communication, conflict resolution, financial management, sexual intimacy, parenting, etc., the list goes on and on.  I have also learned invaluable lessons about my marriage through the two on two couples coaching sessions Greg and I have with other couples.  These meetings bring out situations we may not have known were present for us and then we can resolve them, that is priceless, I don’t want a bunch of garbage hanging over my head in my marriage.

Marriage coaches are people who devote their lives to helping marriages, they may not be university trained, but they have knowledge for you to gain from and they will share their lives with you in a way that a professional counselor never will.

I am not knocking professional counseling, I feel their is a time and a place for that if needed.  I do think that meeting two to two with another married couple has benefits that you cannot get from going one to two, and getting the perspectives of a couple who is married and who spend their time focusing on marriage is beneficial.  Spending the time building your marriage on a regular basis instead of trying to treat it in an emergency will create stability and longevity for your marriage relationship and your family.  For more information on marriage coaching at Loveseat Marriage, click here.

Is marriage coaching for you?

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