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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Greg and I frequently use the analogy of a garden when talking about a marriage relationship.  I feel like this analogy extends into the different areas within a marriage.  Marriages are full of different types of relationships, like your sexual relationship, your parenting relationship, or your recreational relationship, etc.

I feel each of these areas can be viewed as a crop within your garden.

We have recently been experiencing a difference of opinion within the sexual relationship of our marriage and it has brought me back to the gardening analogy and the ultimate question of how does your garden grow?

I feel that no matter what crop you are talking about, the answer is the same. 

A garden needs to be tended, weeded, watered, fertilized, etc.  Time has to be spent tending and caring for the thing we are wanting to be healthy.  Weeds will sprout up from time to time and they need to be picked out and taken care of before they spread.  Watering these areas with the Word of God is vitally important, prayer and reading scripture help to keep God in place in these areas.

So you can see that marriage takes a lot of work.  Time and energy must be put into the things we cherish most.

It isn’t always a matter of growing something, it needs to be maintained as well.  Regular maintenance gets easier than trying to bring something back from the dead where it may have grown thistles.

I usually have a very black thumb when it comes to my houseplants, and I know I have to work ten times as hard to keep my marriage garden healthy.

Build houses and settle down; plant gardens and eat what they produce. ~ Jeremiah 29:5


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