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How Do You Try To Get What You Want In Your Marriage?

Lisa’s thoughts…

I recently caught myself trying to get something from my husband through demands rather than requests and it has caused me to ponder how I try to get things out of my marriage.

Trying to force something will usually only break it.

 I found when I tried to demand something from my husband it only caused dissention in our marriage that day and in the end I did not get what I was wanting from him in the first place.  It only upset him and caused him to be upset with me.

Demands are disrespectful and let your spouse know you don’t trust them to fulfill your request.

 I didn’t realize how my demand sounded until it came out of my mouth and by then it was too late.  I realized I had not given my husband the respect of responding to a request, I used a demand and that signified that I didn’t trust him to do what I asked, I felt I had to tell him.

Demands helped to escalate our conversation into an argument.

 Through my disrespectful behavior I had fueled an argument that was unnecessary, and we didn’t get to a resolution until the evening, which left us both upset throughout the rest of the day.  In hindsight, it just wasn’t worth it.

In the future, I will try to respectfully request something of my husband, not demand it, the consequences were hurting my husband and I never did get what it was I was seeking.

Please share stories with us about how you’ve changed for the good of your marriage 🙂

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