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Heart Adjustment

Last week Greg and I both went in to see our chiropractor and get a long over due adjustment.  It had been so long since I had taken the time to get an adjustment that I paid for it for the next three days.  The discomfort from the over due adjustment caused me to think about our marriage and how we sometimes wait until an adjustment is overdue.

Our marriage relationship needs adjustments periodically, just like our bodies.

Our marriage can get in ruts where things need to be “adjusted” a little to return our relationship back to its healthy place.  Greg and I will learn skills about how to listen better or love the other better and over time old habits can kick back in and we need to re-adjust our thought processes and our actions towards each other.

The adjustments take effort, patience and time.  We have to be proactive about doing this because it doesn’t come naturally.

We try to adjust our relationship in many ways.  We have gone to workshops, we read books together, we visit with our mentor couple, we lead other couples in group studies and workshops, and mentoring others.  All of these things are helpful in adjusting our relationship, but even with all of that, we can still get out of alignment with each other.

Share some ways with us that you make adjustments towards each other in your relationship.

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