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From Mii to Wii

Lisa’s thoughts…

Last week was a week of cleaning, organization and winter preparation for me.  I spent some time rearranging our basement for a new feel and increased usefulness. As I was rearranging I started looking at things my husband and I could do for exercise in the winter.

We walk together in the mornings, but I am not a fan of the cold and more times than not will want to stay in for fear I might freeze!

While setting up the basement I decided to put our exercise equipment in an open, usable space.  I thought to myself, “I am going to create an environment for us that will make it easy to exercise in the winter.”  My husband was “on board” but I never could have guessed what would happen next.  My husband loves to keep track of things, so I introduced him to the Wii fit because it tracks things for you and lets you know your progress.

Well, he is hooked and loving the Wii!

We both spent a morning setting up our Mii characters and setting up our information on the Wii Fit.  We have had so much fun “exercising” together using the Wii!  It has turned into a new activity that we love doing together.  It makes us feel great about each other as we encourage one another through our progress and see each other working on our bodies for ourselves and each other.

There is something quite sexy about seeing my husband Hula Hoop!

You just never know what new things you will find to enjoy with your spouse, things that make you both feel great, and things that will add some sizzle to your sex life!

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