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Encouraging Your Spouse’s Hobbies

Last night, after weeks of watching chopped, iron chef, etc on Netflix with my wife, I leapt off the couch into action and grabbed 6 index cards.

Lisa loves to cook and she loves competitive cooking shows.

 I quietly asked each member of our family including Lisa to list an ingredient.  After the 6 cards were each written on, we had: brownie, peanut butter, marshmallow, chocolate syrup, couscous, and a light beer.

Lisa panicked and made a few funny faces, just like on the competitive cooking shows she loves!

Well, she seemed to have so much fun! And wow! That ended up a not so pretty looking dish LOL.  The marshmallow ended up sinking the ship this time 😉  It tasted good enough with all the ingredients that went together that only one child threw half of theirs away and only due to it being too sweet.

Lisa did a great job! She had fun, and I think we all look forward to challenging her again real soon!

Right after we “chopped” Lisa for this round, (she’ll be back) the kids cleaned up the easy messes. In the morning I let her sleep in, I made breakfast, got the kids off to school and cleaned muffin pans and the rest of the mess.

What are some things you have done to encourage your spouse in their special interests?

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  • Jerry Stumpf

    My wife loves to sew. Actually she is a professional Bridal seamstress.

    She is very good at her craft. I brag on her all the time to our friends, or whenever we meet someone new I tell them what her passion and profession – sewing – is. She usually works on something for our grandchildren so I can easily tell folks about her talent.

    It is simple to highlight your spouse’s life if that is the direction you are looking.

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