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Colors of Compromise

Lisa’s thoughts:

This week has been the first week in four months that I haven’t been working on remodeling our garage with my husband.  We used our summer to remodel our garage to create a meeting space for our book study groups and couples coaching sessions.

“It was nice to have the majority of the construction completed and have a week off!”

It was during this week off that I had time to stop and contemplate the amount of compromise it took to complete a project like that.  To anyone who has ever built a house from scratch, kudos to yah, it is not easy agreeing on some of those decisions.

“Who would have thought a paint color would have taken three weeks to pick.”

There were many struggles during this summer, some bigger than others, but I realized when it was all over what a great husband I have and how we really do work well together.  I learned some skills over this summer that I know are going to change my style when communicating with my husband in the future.

“We sometimes struggle with communication, so I will take all of the help and insight I can get!” – (Please feel free to comment)

One of the ways Merriam Webster defines compromise as is “something that combines the qualities of two different things.”  I think that defines what marriage is about, combining the qualities of two different things.  I have to sometimes remind myself that my husband thinks differently than me and that my way isn’t always the best.

“My husband ended up picking out the paint color and it looks amazing!”

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