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Cleaning Up Your Marriage

I was recently doing a paint project and when I went to get out my paint supplies I realized I had not fully cleaned out my paint tray and my roller handle had a roller permanently dried on to it.  As I stood at the sink scraping the paint out of my paint tray, I was wishing I had cleaned it all up and left it ready to go for the next time so that I wouldn’t have to be doing what I was doing and could just get on to my project.  

I started thinking about how I had just had a conversation with Greg that morning about some things that were bothering both of us that had been going on and left untended. I couldn’t help but think if I made sure to clean up our relationship every time we left each other I would return to a cleaned up marriage each time we encountered each other. The Bible talks about not letting the sun go down on your anger or when you wake in the morning you would start your day with yesterday’s troubles. I was seeing through my paint mess that I should clean up every marriage mess, not just the ones I might want to leave until tomorrow. I want to have a clean slate with my husband when I approached him, nothing left in between us to have to clean up, I don’t want to run into leftover messes or leave my husband in a hurting place. I know it won’t always be easy to see the messes or make sure I don’t leave any, but I know my husband deserves this from me and I deserve it from him. We need to work as a team to stay on the same team!

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