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Yesterday I prepped my blog for this week, it was great (in concept) but it was like a forest of raw material and I am trying to present a log cabin.  I needed to log, mill, dry, and build it into a cabin. I was stressing, and then as usual, I felt like God let me know that yesterday’s blog was not ready.  Today He challenged me to consider the graphic and explain how it could relate to marriage.

God led me to contemplate fruits and vegetables and how they relate to the sexual aspects of our marriages and to note that they cover half our plate!

I have repeatedly read how different writers in Christian circles analogize that sex is the result (fruit) of all other good things in a relationship. Lisa and I often analogize that it is the thermometer of all else happening. Even in affairs sexual experiences are the fruit born out of meeting one another’s emotional needs. You build up a relationship by watering and fertilizing it and no doubt it will bear fruit.

Some fruits are delicious and worthy of consumption and some fruits are not edible (like thistles).

Many writers compare the similarities of relationships to the likes of gardens or orchards. You may have a garden with weeds or you may have a Garden of Eden  A good gardener or orchardist is blessed with high quality fruits and vegetables to eat in abundance, they are actually able store up a surplus. So, for the sake of my analogy, can we say that fruits and vegetables represent the intimate aspect of your marriage?  I am excited that they take up half of the plate!

Moving from milk to meat is a metaphor of maturing as a Christian, it signifies being able to spiritually digest more solid teaching .

So in my mind, meat represents the best but most mature form of God’s relationship with us. The milk represents a simple food representing how we understand and relate to God. So can we agree for the sake of my analogy that proteins and dairy represent your relationship with God?

I guess the grains (carbs) represent everything else we experience in life, all of our hobbies and interests.

Let’s face it, I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love carbs, I’m sure these people exist but I have not met them.  I have never met anyone who doesn’t mention their hobbies, their career or special interests first in conversation.  Many people accessorize their lives when it comes to their special interests and many people will go back for seconds or thirds on a carb.  I noticed that most often in the Old Testament grain is used as a sacrifice, so I am a little confused as to how to use that for where I intend to go with this.  So can we agree for the sake of discussion that grains can represent either our special interests or our sacrifices, but not both in the same?

Now to put it out there, what I want from this blog post is for you take a look at this graphic from

choose my plate

I really want your two cents on this analogy!  Roughly half of the plate is represented by the results of a good marriage, the fruit.  Roughly a quarter of the plate is protein, the deeper more mature relationship with God.  Dairy is not even on the plate, it’s within reach just in case I need God but can’t quite chew on his real sustenance due to times of immaturity. And then grains, either my own special interests that keep me sane or my sacrifices to God, but let’s be real about what you think that represents for you. (our special interests should be sacrifices but more often than not they are selfishly entertaining ourselves instead of serving others or God)

Please meditate on this analogy for your life and what God would recommend for you vs. how you really are.  A balanced life is like a balanced diet, it can only make you healthy.

Does it expose anything you could or should change about your marriage?

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