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Can You Hear Me Knocking?

We all have areas in our life where God has purposed us with an appetite and He also has given each of us knowledge to suppress such an appetite for the good of another. I am not talking about food, or at least not only food.  In my case, I know that God has blessed me with what seems to be an insatiable appetite for sexual intimacy with my wife.  I am so grateful to God that I am not experiencing struggles with sexual sin as I have in the past.   I am not making light of this for anyone, as I have definitely had my own struggles with things that might lead one down that road.

I simply have a thirst for connecting with my wife emotionally and spiritually (and of course physically) that presents itself for me realistically on average of three to six times per day.

Now Lisa is the “governor” (mechanically speaking) and one thing we as a couple have found is that we can’t even figure out her appetite because we engage more often than what it would take for her to build up an urgency over a need for sexual intimacy.  (I would LOVE to know what that feels like!)

Recently during one of our marriage small group sessions I had an analogy that went something like this:

check oilGod is the designer / mfg of a vehicle, we’ll say for the example, the husband is the vehicle and the wife is the owner/operator/curator of the vehicle.  Your sexual relationship and frequency of sex in your marriage will be represented by the oil we use to maintain this vehicle properly.  Some vehicles require more oil than others; some vehicles take 4 quarts, some vehicles take 5.

Is your husband a formula one race car? A Super cross bike? A monster truck? A Belaz 75710? Or even a jet fighter?

Some vehicles need to be “topped off” often with oil as they burn it quicker than others, some vehicles actually exist that burn so little oil that the oil can go bad and need replaced before it gets burned up by the vehicle, and there are vehicles that need oil put right into the fuel to function properly.  I know there must be something that this same analogy can be applied for an area where God equipped and built my wife that once discovered I will need to apply.

Do you want to get the best over all performance out of your husband?

Don’t neglect your husband’s oil usage, know what he requires to function and know what YOU require to function.  Don’t let the gears in your marriage grind to a screeching halt all dried up due to negligence.  God designed you both and he does NOT make mistakes.

I personally have blown 3 real vehicle engines due to poor oil maintenance, so this analogy hits home for me.

So ladies, do yourself and your husband a BIG favor; ask each other about how frequently you “want” sex and ask about how frequently you “need” sex.  Once you know who has a more frequent “need”, figure out together if that need will ruin the vehicle if the oil gets below a certain level or if that particular vehicle runs just fine on fumes (yeah right!)

Don’t wait until you hear a knocking, check the oil as soon as possible and have some FUN!!!

What are your thoughts?

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