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Building Intimacy Together

My husband and I have been working on our marriage since before we were married.

I have learned so much about relationships in the time we have been together, but there has been one thing that has surprised me, even though it shouldn’t have, that has helped us build and maintain the intimacy in our relationship more than any other thing we do together.

Reading together has helped Greg and I draw closer together in ways we could never have imagined.

We didn’t read together in the beginning of our relationship and now we do it almost on a daily basis; we miss it when we don’t get to it.  Greg and I are on our second go around of reading the bible together, we started reading the bible together daily last May.  We read together most days, not including Sunday as we spend that time together at church.  Sometimes we don’t get much out of what we are reading, Leviticus and Numbers can be a hard read together, but it is that consistent time together that builds our relationship.

God builds us up together and brings us closer through the sharing of His Word in our one-flesh relationship.

Greg and I have some really wonderful conversations during our reading time, we learn a lot about each other and how we view things.  We have grown to enjoy this time so much that we have started to also read together in the evening before we go to sleep.  We have added reading marriage building books together to our daily routine.  This reading time has led us into some very important conversations concerning our relationship.  We recently previewed and reviewed Arlene Pelican’s 31 Days To Becoming A Happy Wife, and would be open to doing that again!  If you are an author and are interested, please contact us.

Who would have thought that sitting together reading aloud to one another would turn out to be the most consistent form of intimacy building we do in our marriage?

Don’t get me wrong, we do a lot of other bonding activities together *wink*  but I know that God has blessed those areas to be even better through our study of His Word and through the consistent reading of materials to better our marriage.

Be seeking ways to build your marriage, proactive is always better than reactive!

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