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Are You There For Your Spouse?

We recently experienced a couple we know going through a hardship in their lives.  My heart broke for them at their loss and I started to wonder what I would do if faced with the same situation.

I realized that I lean heavily on Greg during times of hardship and I am so grateful that we are in a relational place where I can lean into him when I need to.

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Throughout this thought process I began to think of another couple we know also going through a hard time, they don’t seem like they are in a place to lean into each other.  I have witnessed the distance brought on by not being able to lean into each other in a time of need.

Through my thought process, I am realizing the importance of keeping my relationship healthy and in spending the time to feed into our marriage.

Greg and I went through a 6 month period three years ago where we had one blow after another.  Our basement flooded, we had a house fire and our car was stolen and totaled.  During this time I leaned so heavily into my husband for comfort and support that I wouldn’t have been able to make it without him.

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Keeping your marriage healthy is important, being relationally close and emotionally intimate is key to getting through the day, let alone getting through a crisis.

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  • Jerry Stumpf


    It is so good that you leaned into each other and not away from each other.

    Throughout our coaching, we have seen too many couples lean away from each other when hardship enters their marriage.

    Actually, most times if a child dies, a divorce is too often the outcome. This is a sad commentary on the relationship. As a coaching couple we have spoken together in a quiet time of reflection as to how we would react if such a sad time entered our marriage.

    Of course it is impossible to completely answer honestly, however, preparation is the best cure for a disaster especially as it pertains to a marriage.

    We also use these times to train other couples to correctly handle traumatic issues that life throws at us.

    Thank you for sharing this post with your readers.

    Hopefully they learn that to prepare is better than to repair.

    Jerry – The Marriage Coach

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