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Are You North?

Am I north for my husband right now?

This question was brought to my attention through a recent conversation with my husband, I am glad to say the answer was yes, but it got me thinking about making sure it stayed that way. A while back my husband and I had a conversation about how a man’s penis is always pointing (we were joking about it at the time) but then I made the comment that if it is always pointing, it is my job to make sure it is pointing at me.

That revelation has changed the way that I view my relationship with my husband.

I feel like this “pointed” statement is true for my marriage’s sexual relationship, I need to work at making sure I am north for my husband.  As a wife, I need to strive to be the lover my husband needs and to keep his focus on me.  It is always the husband’s job to make sure he keeps his sexual desires within his marriage, but it is awfully helpful when you have a wife who is in the battle with you and helps protect you from temptation by fulfilling his needs in that area.

North isn’t always a sexual location.

I feel like this “pointed” statement is also true for the non-sexual areas of my marriage relationship.  Being “north” isn’t always about being a tigress is bed, it can be about respect and lifting up your husband.  I need to be a place my husband can come to with concerns, with jokes, with emotions, with worries.  I need to keep my husband’s emotional compass pointing north to me as well as his sexual compass.

I have a sneaking suspicion that if I can keep being emotional north, sexual north will take care of itself.

Every husband is different and every wife has to learn the things that are important to her husband.  I am sharing things about our marriage relationship, it is important to find out what things work in your marriage relationship.  Making sure your husband is “pointing” at you will help make sure that you are his first priority.

Are you north for your husband?

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  • Bob Day

    This post had significant meaning for me and. Was quite timely. I have been a diabetic for almost 2. Years now and anyone that deals with diabetes knows that quite often there physical issues with regards to circulation, and it can be anywhere ! Feet , legs , hands and yes a mans private. Parts. My. Wife has always been attractive to me but in the last couple of years has made a huge effort to make sure that I point the right way when I am not so. Easily aroused. The fact that she. Has taken the time to understand makes her more beautiful and than ever. Thank you for the post.

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