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Are You Making It Easy For Your Husband To Provide For You?

Lisa’s thoughts on the issue…

Through all of the studies we have done and books we have read a comforting  factor has come to light for me, I am not alone in wanting to feel financially stable.  I don’t expect to live in a mansion or drive a sports car, but I do feel more at ease and secure when I know that our basic financial needs are met and we have a savings account to fall back on in case of an emergency.

There was a time when I felt guilty about wanting financial security and I definitely didn’t know how to express my need for it, so I just sat frustrated and scared a lot of the time.

teamworkGreg and I have had many conversations about our finances and we have made many moves in the right direction, educating ourselves on handling our finances and how the emotional need of financial support comes into play has been a big step forward for us.  Our income is never steady due to our career choices so Greg recently started a part time job to supplement our income, as you can imaging with any change like this, it uprooted our normal schedule and created new problems to solve.

We had to come together as a team and decide how we were going to let this change affect us. 

I found that I played just as big of a role in Greg’s part time job and how it affected our household as he did, it has turned into a joint effort.  My husband is going out of his way to make sure I feel financially secure and he is putting in extra hours per week to make sure of it.  I decided that I needed to respect the time he was putting in by respectfully using the time it was affording me.  I work from home doing multiple things, homemaker, business woman, writer, and mom, and it is all afforded by Greg working the way he does.

I try to make sure I am getting my work done when he is at work so that we have time together when he is off and that I am not lazing around watching movies while he is busting his butt to provide for our family.

I have found these extra hours can be hard on Greg, he is more tired and his demeanor isn’t always as cheerful as it could be, so I know he is worthy of my respect and cheerleading as he goes about these changes.  I have decided to not complain about any downsides to his new job and to try to make the transition as easy as possible for him.  I try to make sure I let him know how much I appreciate and love him, as well as getting up early in the mornings to make sure he has a good breakfast and we have some connection time to start our day.

I think being supportive of Greg’s efforts to provide for our family need to be applauded and I need to do my part in making it manageable for him.

In his efforts to bring in more income for the stability of our family, I have found new respect for our finances.  I have always been a careful spender, but I am taking extra care in making sure my husband’s efforts are not squandered by me.  I don’t want my husband to work really hard to bring extra money into our home, only to have me out buying a bunch of extra things we don’t need with it.

Greg has decided that he is going to go above and beyond to make sure he meets my need for financial security and I am going to be a wife who makes it easy for him to do so!

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