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Are You Covered?

Greg and I have had the honor of meeting some fantastic couples through doing marriage enrichment, one particular couple has led us into prayer with them Praying Handsevery Monday morning, and it has changed our lives.

I know prayer is vitally important, but I had never given as much thought to having a prayer covering as I should have.

This couple has shared their story with us and we have shared ours, forming a bond of friendship and encouragement.  I look forward to praying together every Monday morning, it has become a way to start my week that I look forward to and would miss if we couldn’t get together.

Getting to experience this is encouraging me to pray more frequently with friends when we get together and to pray more openly when we have group meetings.

We pray for our couples throughout the week and we know this is important, but I am finding that group prayer seems to be calling me more and more as the weeks go on.  Having other couples invested in the success of your marriage and having them pray for and over you consistently enriches a marriage relationship in ways we can’t possibly know or understand.

I saw this video last week and a young man talked about how it takes a village to raise a child and a community to make a marriage.

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