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Are You Building Your House?

Proverb 14:1 has become one of my favorite verses in the bible; I feel that it gives me some insight into a power I have over my life and circumstances.  It is a verse that I meditate on frequently and it has become a subject I ponder in my relationships. This verse has led me into some deep searching about the things I want and how I contribute to having them.  Have you ever asked yourself how much you contribute to your station in life?

Every wise woman builds her house, but the foolish one tears it down with her own hands. ~ Proverbs 14:1 AMP

I want to be a wise woman of God and to have the blessings in my life that go along with following the life the Lord wishes for me to have.  Proverbs 14:1 tells me that I get to build this life and I have the ability to tear it down, this caught my attention!  Who wouldn’t want to learn the way to build the things they want in life and build up those around them?

It all sounded really great, and that is when I started to realize I have a mouth problem.

for women onlyEnter the book For Women Only by Shanti Feldhahn.  This book opened my eyes to many areas that I was failing my husband and sabotaging myself.  It turned out that my mouth had become my worst enemy, I had fallen away from guarding it and it had taken on a life of its own.  It was at this point that I realized that the small dissentions in my marriage were in large part due to how I had been using my mouth.

In a fool’s own mouth is a rod [to shame] his pride, but the wise men’s lips preserve them. ~ Proverbs 14:3

Ladies, this book is a must read if you want to gain insight into the inner workings of your man’s mind.  This book speaks for men where they are unable to speak for themselves and it gives us the clues on how to respect and treat our men to be able to build them into the men we are craving.  I have decided to be a house builder and I want a big house!

Don’t kid yourself; you do help create the man you are living with by your words, actions and deeds – just as he creates you with his.

As a woman, I did not understand the depth of my husband’s need for respect and I had no clue as to what he considered respectful and disrespectful, let’s just say I have my work cut out for me!  I know I have a long road ahead to learn all the intricacies of my husband’s needs as a man, but knowledge is power and this book had opened up a whole new realm of power for me to help build my husband into the man God wants him to be and the man I need him to be.

“These revelations were mostly things that my own husband always wished I knew, but couldn’t figure out how to explain”. ~ Shanti Feldhahn

for men onlyThere is a counterpart to this book titled For Men Only, I have not had the pleasure of reading it as it is in my husband’s reading collection, but I just want to put it out there that Shanti Feldhahn also covered these very important topics about women and love for men to gain insight about their women.

Happy Building!

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  • Jerry Stumpf

    These are both excellent books when a person reads them t create a better appreciation and respect for their spouse.

    A quick phrase I use is “Women need to be loved and men love to be needed.”
    We are wired uniquely special so when each learns to understand the other person’s qualities, the marriage improves.

    Thanks for your insights.

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