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A Clean Kitchen Begins In The Bedroom

Deep thoughts with Greg Campbell…

One morning right after my wife stepped into the shower and exclaimed… why you always forget to set the showerhead back to the way I had it…the following words came from my mouth: “OK sweetie… why as a man do I always have to put the seat down?  I never have a complaint about the seat, so therefore why can’t the women in my life just leave the seat UP for me since it is the women who have an issue.  When are you going to open the car door for me? Furthermore, the showerhead… why don’t you ever put it back on the setting I like?”

We laughed about this and she kind of made a confused face.

Then I felt I heard from GOD… as I heard his voice in my head say “SERIOUSLY?” as he pulled up a chair for the day’s entertainment.  As GOD lovingly invaded my thoughts and helped me make some sense of the humorous twisting of my day, it started to make sense that we as spouses should ALWAYS be setting things up to accommodate our spouse next!  Not just one for the other but each for the other…

So this morning…  (Several months later)

My wife surprised me in the morning with an outstanding intimate experience…  I was so excited… so happy!  I felt so loved!  Then after lunch, I felt as though God started speaking to me.  We had leftover roast beef and there were not enough potatoes for the both of us, therefore, I made some minute rice…  I had the bright idea to boil some margarine into the water before dumping in the rice.

As Lisa was proof reading for me… this is where she turned to me and said, “I don’t like when you put butter in the food”

After lunch, as I gathered my things to go to work, I walked through the kitchen noticing the buttery mess of a saucepan and its lid along with a plastic spoon in disarray on the oven.  Something stopped me… so I wisely put the items in the sink and mentally patted myself on the back as I headed for the stairs… and like an electric dog collar I stopped again at the top of the stairs… went back and washed the aforementioned dishes… and in my head I heard a radio style voice stating a funny book title that is a parody of a book title:

Dr. Kevin Leman called the original book “SEX BEGINS IN THE KITCHEN”

sex begins in the kitchen

I own the book, I love the book, and I have NEVER read the whole book…  I crack it open and start now and then… but the book is so BRILLIANTLY titled that I think I get the gist of the concept just by knowing the title.

I “THINK” that it’s teaching the sexually driven spouse that if you meet the needs of your less driven spouse throughout the day you will open the doors to intimacy and possibly discover a wonderful reward if you can be genuine about it and just be good to your spouse.  Well in the humor God uses to speak with me in MY personal relationship with him, he showed me how this worked backwards in my favor today.  My wife made me feel very happy; feel good about me, and more importantly US.  By the time lunch was over, I was mentally UNABLE to leave my mess…  It is as if she left the seat up to make me WANT to put it down for her…  It is as if she changed the showerhead to my liking making me WANT to reset it for her!

So here, it is… my new book “title”

A clean kitchen begins in the bedroom…  By Greg Campbell

No need for any text or to make a hard copy… that is the whole book and it is FREE!  Enjoy!


  • Jerry Stumpf

    It is fascinating how often we hear that small still voice in our head “shouting” something back to us. It seems that as husbands, we especially need to hear from God before we attempt to hear from our wife.

    Today was the first time I happened onto your site but I will be back.

    I like your coaching arrangements and will enjoy having a dialog about some of the other thoughts I gleaned from being here. Keep up the great work, married couples are in need of our services.

    Your friend – Jerry Stumpf – The marriage Coach

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