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7 Ways to Build Your Marriage in 2019

Let’s make room for two in our marriages in 2019!

2019 is almost here, starting a new year can be a great time to refocus attention to places you may have let slip over time. Marriage relationships can easily be lost in the chaos of life, putting your relationship first and being on the same team with your spouse really makes everything else easier to handle when it comes. Here are some ways to reconnect and put your marriage first in 2019.

1.Plan a couples getaway to reconnect – It can be amazing that you can look back at your year and realize that you didn’t set any time aside for each other. Setting aside a weekend to reconnect emotionally, sexually and spiritually can reset your marriage and have you moving in the same direction.

2. Make dating each other a priority – Dating is something that can easily slip away through the business of life, make it a priority to regularly get out away together and reconnect. Spending time getting to know each other as you change and grow is important to the health and growth of your marriage.

3. Make intimacy in your marriage a priority – Intimacy comes in many forms and making time for intimacy in your marriage is very important. Regularly connecting through touch, conversation, sex, or any way you feel intimately connected to your spouse is important to building up your marriage relationship. When couples are disconnected it makes relating harder and leads to more strife in the marriage.

4. Pray for each other – Praying for each other provides a spiritual covering and protection that blesses your marriage. Prayer can be especially important when you have a disagreement, you want something to change, an important decision has come up or if you just don’t know what to do. Letting God lead you and your marriage through prayer will bless your marriage.

5. Put your phone down – Our phones have become an important part of how we function in society. We use them to stay in touch with family and friends, check in on our children and entertain ourselves. These things are all great in moderation, show your spouse respect by putting your phone away when you are spending time with them. Picking up your phone while someone is conversing with you or needs your full attention is disrespectful and makes people feel unimportant. Bless your marriage by getting your phone business done and then focusing on each other.

6. Reconcile issues that need to be healed – Relationships have ups and downs and these can leave issues that may not be reconciled, by reconciled I mean taken care of emotionally. We can come to an agreement on an issue without having the wounds that may have happened during the conflict tended to. One of our favorite reconciliation tools is from the Love After Marriage book by Barry & Lori Byrne. Starting the year off by cleaning up some emotional wounds can make for a more connected and intimate 2019.

7. Set goals together – It is important to set goals together as a couple, it lets you know where each of you is wanting to head and lets you both be on the same page heading in the same direction. Setting goals together shows your spouse love by being able to say “what is important to you is important to me and I want to help you reach that goal!” Spouses who are walking in the same direction function with synergy, two can get more accomplished together than two trying to function separately.

We are so excited to be back on the blogging scene and look forward to what 2019 is going to bring. We pray your marriages will thrive and be blessed in 2019. Happy New Year!

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