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#7 She Glows In The Dark

This summer we are revisiting our top 10 posts, # 7 She Glows In The Dark

was originally posted on November 26, 2014

Last night I just could not sleep!  Therefore, I messed with an iPod while my wife slept soundly beside me.  Suddenly it caught my attention the soft hypnotic sound of her breathing deeply, and softly in the night sound asleep.

I had the most unmanly thought…

I thought what an angel, what a beautiful sound.  Then I thought ugh!  The me, in my head, sounds like a loving grandmother!  Anyway, I proceeded to tweet this: I love listening to my wife sleep!  She is stunningly beautiful even in the dark.  My wife glows in the dark!  Thanks GOD!  After I tweeted it…  I read it a few times…

Then I heard Keanu Reeves in my head say “whoa”

And GOD just jump started the thoughts, “She glows in the dark!”  My wife is a spiritual beacon in my life!  (which makes sense because I once told my mother in law that she like a lighthouse on GOD’s behalf) even when Lisa has her own difficulties, she always seems to be a guiding light in one way or another!

I fondly thought back to being a little boy and marvel at any toy or article that could glow in the dark!  You just hold it close to a light for a few minutes, turn the lights out, and watch it glow!  How cool is that!  I remember wishing everything glowed in the dark!  Of course, the glow did not last indefinitely, it was my job to hold it as close to the light as I could as often as I wanted to enjoy its illumination.

When I tweeted, I did not even know yet what I had actually said until after the fact!  Which to me means GOD was speaking to me!  As a husband…  as “GOD’s little boy” he gave me an amazing gift… but to thoroughly enjoy it I have to keep holding it up to a source of light.  Profound eh?  If I care for her and keep her glowing, she will help GOD light my way!

Are you holding your wife close to the light?

She glows in the dark!

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