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5 Ways To Stay Thankful In Your Marriage

Lisa’s thoughts…

I recently had a day of ungratefulness, a day where I was really frustrated about my life and I have these from time to time, so I decided to figure out some ways to try to stay thankful in my  marriage.

1. Start your day out with thanks

Morning can be a time that determines the rest of your day, so why not make it count?  Starting the day off with thanks to the Lord about what He has done for you and your family can give you a great perspective to view your upcoming day with.  It can also set your attitude right towards your spouse, your family, and those you encounter during the day.  Being thankful in the morning can help you be graceful in the day.

2. When you are thankful, say so

When something goes wrong or someone does something to us we don’t like, the chances are we’ll tell someone so we can vent our frustrations, but we usually don’t make the effort to share an event that pleased us.  This tells me that society is walking around with a lot of negativity.  Shedding some light on life’s positives and making others feel good about their actions could go a long way to creating a more thankful day.  I love to hear about something good I have done for someone, it makes me feel good that I made them feel good.  Start letting people know when you are thankful for them, it will make you both feel great!

thank you

3. Celebrate your life without comparing it 

A lot of our lives can be spent comparing our existence to the existence of others and it can be easy to feel envious or that our lives aren’t as blessed as those around us.  Those instances we see in others lives aren’t encompassing of what their reality is and it makes it difficult to accept our lives fully when we are judging our lives using only the good snippets of theirs.  I think it is important to look at the lives we choose to lead and celebrate the victories within it.  When we celebrate the wins we wanted, it is easier to not compare them to the wins others are having around us.  Be glad for the blessings others have, but don’t judge your life by them.

4. Realize what your life isn’t

I don’t want to dissect people’s lives to make myself feel better, but I think we can gain perspective from the suffering of others.  I have gone through times in my life when I was mad that others didn’t have money troubles or that they were going on a trip again, when what I should have been looking at was that their child was sick or that their parent just passed away.  Instead of seeing a space for prayer for them and thankfulness of the blessings in my life, I was focussing on what I wasn’t getting.  So like I said, don’t relish in the suffering of others, but pray for them and let their circumstance put some perspective on your life.

5. End your day with what went right

Take some time to reflect back on your day before going to bed.  Share some high points with your spouse and pray a prayer of thanks with them to the Lord.  This can also be a great time to ask the Lord for what you do want to go right in your life, the bible says in James 4:2 …You covet but you cannot get what you want, so you quarrel and fight. You do not have because you do not ask God.  So end your day with sharing victories with your spouse and both of you asking God for the victories you want to share tomorrow.




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