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5 Ways To Stay Connected When Schedules Are Busy

Lisa’s thoughts on staying connected when life gets busy…

Greg and I have recently had a big change in our schedule and the amount of time we are able to spend together; I have come up with some ways that have really helped us to stay connected within the new schedule.

  1. Start your day off on the right foot

morning coffeeMornings can be very hectic, especially if there are kids to get off to school or daycare, leaving little time for your spouse.  Starting your day connecting with each other can strengthen your relationship and help you better respond as a team to the things life throws at you that day.  Choosing to get up a little earlier in the morning so you can have some time to connect with your spouse will impact your relationship in a good way and will set the pace for how you interact throughout the rest of the day.  You would be surprised what 30 minutes together in the morning can ad to your day!


  1. Make a lunch date

picnicA lunch date is a great way to sneak in some undivided attention and intimate conversation time.  It seems that lunch hours are often used to run errands and play catch up, so why not try sharing your responsibilities 2-3 days per week to both run errands and make room for lunch together 2-3 days per week.  These lunch dates don’t have to be expensive and include eating out, you can meet at home for lunch or pack a paper bag lunch and meet at a park.  Making your spouse a priority throughout the day let’s them know you are putting your marriage first and it will be reflected in sexual facets of your marriage, yes, I went there!


  1. Use the rest of the day to your advantage

textingDepending on your job and your schedules, it is good to check in with each other throughout the day.  Getting a text or a phone call from your spouse to see how you are doing makes you feel good.  It is good to be in the know about any changes to the day or if your spouse is in need of extra prayer that day, as a connected team you can more appropriately meet any challenges you are faced with.   Sending a flirty text can set the stage for a more intimate evening!


  1. Going to bed together makes a big difference

 bed together75% of couples go to bed at different times and it can take a toll on their marriage.  Agreeing to go to bed together offers many benefits; it gives opportunity for intimate conversation and connecting about how your day went, there are many health benefits to sleeping together with your spouse, it improves opportunities for love making (which has its own exponential set of health benefits), and it decreases the time when couples are on technology and maybe looking at things or chatting with people they shouldn’t.  Choosing to go to bed 30 minutes early can ensure you have pillow talk time and are not too tired to make love!


  1. Make sure you connect when you have free time.

date nightMaking recreation time together on your days off a priority helps a marriage stay healthy and light.  It is good to have a fun break in the chaos that can be life, taking time to relax and enjoy each others company when it is not on a fixed timeline and little people aren’t tugging on you will feed into your marriage relationship and not just center your lives around managing your home and family.  Taking time to hear each others intimate thoughts and dreams is important.  Dr. Willard Harley, author of the book His Needs, Her Needs, says couples should spend 15 hours of undivided attention together per week and dates on days off are a great way to share intimate times with your spouse!



Please share your thoughts and ideas about “HOW” to “Stay Connected”

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