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5 Ways Exercising Together Benefits Your Marriage

The winter months contribute to a lack of exercise and a lack of exercising together in our house, I don’t like the cold weather and my husband hates the treadmill. I am so glad that the weather is starting to cooperate for Greg and I to start walking outside together again in the mornings, getting to reconnect again in this way has me thinking about all of the benefits it creates for our marriage.

I know there are many health benefits for our bodies through exercising, but I feel there are also many health benefits to our marriages when we exercise together.

We may not all have time to exercise together everyday, but I see value in making the time to exercise together as much as possible.  There is something to be said about the synergy created when two people are pulling in the same direction.  Here are five ways that I feel exercising together benefits our marriage:

1. Exercising Together Creates Time for Intimate Conversation

Depending on the kind of exercising you choose to do with your spouse, it can frequently create a time away from the bustle of life where the two of you can talk privately and have intimate conversations.  Taking this time to have undivided attention with each other while improving your health can be a great way to support each other.  Building intimacy through communication is important in a marriage, in fact for many women and men intimate conversation is an emotional need they would like met, you can find out more about emotional needs in the book His Needs Her Needs by Dr. Harley.

2. Exercising Together Helps You Be More Productive Together

Who wouldn’t want to be able to think more clearly and the get a better night of rest?  Regular exercise can help you get a better night of sleep and have sharper mental focus.  When we are getting the rest we need and our minds are making decisions clearly it is a lot easier to communicate with each other and to make good decisions concerning our lives and marriages.  Regular exercise helps you to feel better physically and increases your overall energy level to be able to cope with what life throws your way.

3. Exercising Together Reduces Stress Levels and Improves Mood

We all have stress in some area of our lives, and most of us have some sort of stress going on in our marriage.  When you exercise it releases endorphins that help to create a feeling of happiness and increases norepinephrine which helps your bodies response to stress.  Exercising together can help to create a lesser stress response and better moods in you and your spouse so that when life throws you punches or one of those inevitable conflicts arise, you are better equipped to handle the situation and respond most appropriately to your spouse.

4. Exercise Helps Your Self Esteem, Which In Turn Benefits Your Sex Life

Having a good body image is important to our mental health and the health of our sex lives.  Regardless of weight, age, gender, size, or health, if you feel good and like the way you look, you will have a confidence about sharing and showing your body to your spouse.  Exercise can elevate a person’s perception of his or her attractiveness and create an environment of wanting to share your body more freely with your spouse!

5. Exercising Together Can Increase Your Lifespan And The Life Of Your Marriage

Regularly exercising will improve your overall health and can increase the length of time you get to spend healthy years on earth, and in turn, increase the amount of time you get to share with your spouse.  We don’t get to choose our health or our lifespans, but regularly exercising will go a long way to creating a healthy and enjoyable marriage.

Exercising together can improve your quality of health, quality of life, and the quality of your marriage.

I am sure there are many other benefits to exercising together as a couple, why not start exercising together and find them out!

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